Bright Path Brewing

Our Beer

Our beers are hand crafted and brewed using high-quality ingredients. We brew beers to be enjoyed by the half liter and full liter. Our lagers are conditioned for extended periods of time and naturally carbonated for drinkability.

Available Beers

Beer Name
Alcohol By Volume
In cans and on tap.

Smooth | Crisp | Easy Drinking

A classic American ale brewed with cascade hops and fermented cooler to create a crisp refreshing beer.

In cans and on tap.

Refreshing | Light (Golden) | Clean

A classic golden German style Lager brewed with German malts and hops.

On tap.

Malty | Toasty | Amber Color

A medium-bodied, amber-colored, Vienna-styled lager. Brewed with floor-malted German malts and lagered for an extended period of time.

In cans and on tap.

American Lager | Very Cool

A light refreshing lager made for drinkability.

In cans and on tap.

Hoppy | Citrus | Crushable

Shred the hops. A pale designed to be crushed. Brewed with oats and wheat for a smooth mouth feel and dry hopped with Citra and El Dorado.

On tap.

Malty | Dark Fruits | Sweet

A classic dark German wheat beer. Brewed with Munich malts, dark wheat malt and a touch of roasted malts. Refreshing but hefty enough to be enjoyed throughout the winter.

On tap.

Coco | Roasty | Smooth

A classic dry Irish stout brewed with classic British malts is rich, smooth and delicious.

In cans and on tap.

Crisp | Clean | Refreshing

A triple decoction Czech Pilsner brewed with Kazbek hops. This beer is refreshing, crisp and clean. Has that classic Czech hop herbal notes along with bright notes of lemon citrus.

On tap.

Pre-Prohibition Style Lager

Crisp | Golden | Drinkable

This golden lager is brewed with 6-row barley and flaked corn and hopped with Cascade hops and single decocted. It is lagered for over 3 weeks. It is a very crisp and refreshing beer.

In cans and on tap.

Coco | Roasty | Dark Fruits

This dark Czech lager is double decocted and brewed with Pils and Munich malts and a touch of roasted malts. It tastes rich coco and has notes of dark fruits. It is delicious and beautiful.

On tap.

Chocolatey | Smooth | Floral

This classic English brown ale is brewed with Marris Otter, Chocolate malt and roasted malts and over 50 lbs of fresh Chinook hops. The hops are picked by our friends at Murphy’s Hop Yard and then we use them within 24hrs of being picked. The result is a robust brown ale with awesome piney and citrus notes from the fresh hops.

On tap.

A hazy pale ale brewed with 2-row malt, honey malt, wheat malt and malted oats. It is brewed and dry hopped exclusively with Citra hops. It’s citrus forward with a pleasantly malty sweet finish.

In cans and on tap.

Juicy | Hazy | Citrus

A hazy and juicy IPA without the high ABV. Designed for hop lovers and session drinkers alike.

On tap.

Malty | Golden

An English style medium strength pub ale brewed with over 65 lbs of fresh Rakau hops from Murphy’s Hop Yard in Effort, PA.